Function of Beauty


Let’s talk about hair. As of recently, I’ve started converting my beauty regimen into the bare necessities, weeding out the unnecessary and chemical-laden products that weigh down my tresses. While looking into a shampoo/conditioner alternative that keeps my hair vibrant and healthy, I stumbled upon Fuction of Beauty, a hair care start-up that creates a formula tailored to your needs.

After taking a short quiz based on your current hair type and #hairgoals, your shampoo and conditioner formulas are whisked away to the mixing room. You even get to decide on the hue and scent.

My hair is already perking up to my new shampoo and conditioner. It feels more balanced, and my ends are moisturized and refreshed. I can go an extra day without a wash, something I never thought possible for my fine, blonde hair.

Best part is, each bottle is personalized with your name – so my boyfriend knows he’s not getting his hands on my Fuction of Kasey!



Shopping and Budgeting Tips

For many of us, shopping doesn’t come easily. There are a seemingly infinite number of stores to go to, and on top of that, there are multiple styles within each store. Adding to the trouble and pain of it all is the fact that we’re college students, meaning that the little spending money we have usually goes towards paying rent or buying books for class. To help diminish the stress from your next shopping trip, I’ve constructed a list of tips to pick out clothes and budget wisely.

  1. Eliminate seasonality. You shouldn’t be looking for clothes that are specific to spring or fall, for example. Rather, look for pieces that you can wear year-round in order to get more bang for your buck. For instance, if you’re looking for a maxi dress, buy it in a darker hue so that you can fit it into your fall wardrobe after summer ends. Similarly for guys, when you’re buying shorts try to stay away from too many pastels and buy more tan and brown neutrals so you can whip them out when a fall heat wave rolls through.
  1. Shoot for quality over quantity. Let’s face it – it’s easy to get sucked into the world of “fast fashion” at stores like Brandy Melville and Forever 21. This means that the clothes are made cheap and quickly, so they have a shorter lifespan before they begin to look ratty and messy. Instead of buying five basic tanks for $25, invest in a more mature silhouette that will last years beyond your “fast fashion” pieces. You will be saving money in the long run.
  1. Look for online stores with free returns. Shopping online can be a breeze, but it is very difficult to determine what size will fit you best when you’re not able to try a garment on. If the online store allows free returns with reimbursement to the original form of payment, buy the two sizes that you’re on the fence about, try them both on once they arrive, and return the one that doesn’t fit. That way you’re able to ensure that you bought the correct size.
  1. Sleep on it. No one said shopping had to be a rush! If you can’t decide whether to buy an item or not, go home and sleep on it for a few nights. If you still have the strong desire to buy it, then go get it! At that point you know that it wasn’t an impulsive purchase.
  1. Play the “over/under” game. This is a trick that I use every time I go shopping. First, look at a garment without looking at its price tag. Value the item yourself. That means that you’ll decide how much you think it should cost. Then look at the price tag. If it costs less than you were willing to pay for it, then buy it. If it’s more than you priced it at, then leave it on the rack.
  1. Make accessories work for your wardrobe. Buy accessories that add versatility to your clothing. The easiest way to change the same outfit is to spruce it up with a different necklace, scarf, or jacket. That way you’ll be able to make certain pieces work for different occasions, and it won’t look like you’re wearing the same outfit week after week.

Campus Style

This past week, the sun was shining and spirits were high! To celebrate this change in weather, I tracked down Loggers who like to keep it fresh with their style. These students gave me a tidbit on their own personal style and how they represent it through their clothing choices. Keep an eye out for more campus style segments!

Sloan Strader (Freshman): "Jane Birkin and stripes"

Sloan Strader (Freshman): “Jane Birkin and stripes”

Aaron Pomerantz (Senior) “I’m definitely not from LA”

Aaron Pomerantz (Senior) “I’m definitely not from LA”

Louisa Raitt (Senior): “Sleek lines and bold statement pieces”

Louisa Raitt (Senior): “Sleek lines and bold statement pieces”

Blake Hessel (Junior): “Soft fabric and lots of pockets”

Blake Hessel (Junior): “Soft fabric and lots of pockets”

How Bun-derful!

It’s August.  It’s hot out.  To all my long-haired ladies out there: having your hair hang down your neck all day can get a little stuffy.  So you choose to throw it up in a bun.  But who’s to say that you can’t have a little bun fun?  I’m a big believer in summer hair accessories – so I love to spruce up my bun.  It adds creativity without relying on your same old, played out outfit ornamentation.

Throw some flowers around your bun.  Adorn it with a delicate gold or brass chain.  Throw a bow beneath the back of it.  Anything goes in this realm of hair fun!  Chances are, you already have something hiding in your closet that you can wrap around your bun for an instant upgrade.  Start with ribbon or a long necklace wrapped around, and play from there.

Now all the boys will be checking out your bun – but in a good way!



New York, New York!

I just returned home from a quick trip to New York where I truly had one of the best weeks of my life! The energy and vibrancy of NYC cannot be replicated.  I had the greatest time just wandering around the city, trying to hit as many places as I could.  I was able to eat at my favorite restaurant, Rouge Tomate and buy an abundance of French macarons from Ladurée SoHo.  And I was staying right next to some of my favorite shops: AritziaTopshop, and Madewell.  But just so you’re not misinformed, I didn’t just shop and eat the entire time! Maybe……. 🙂

Compared to Los Angeles, New York style has elevated sophistication.  Clothing inspiration was everywhere I looked! I love the chic, cosmopolitan silhouettes of garments that are worn in NYC. Not only that, but it seems like anything goes when it comes to street style in New York – from seemingly-insane print mixing to pencil skirts paired with high-tops, this city has it all!  What’s more, the modern simplicity of many of the outfits I saw perfectly coincided with New York’s architecture – the harmonious mix of formal and casual mirrors the combination of tall skyscrapers with street markets and hotdog stands.  New York really has it all.

Just feast your eyes on THIS to push your boundaries and find some style inspiration for yourself!

– Kasey

Let’s Get Started

Happy Sunday from my bed!

My name is Kasey, and I am a Los Angeles native, born and raised.  I’m an enthusiast of all things fashion and style, and I am a firm believer that inspiration can be found in all places!

My mom told me that I started dressing myself before I could walk.  So at the age of thirteen when I had the epiphany that I wanted to become a part of the grand world of fashion, my mom wasn’t surprised at all.  I’m currently studying cultural anthropology and sociology.  So how do fashion and anthropology tie together you ask?  Culture shapes what we do each day, which includes what we’re wearing while we’re doing it.  Our identity is our own personal culture, which contributes to the larger category of fashion culture.  So in a sense, our daily clothing choices are shaping not only our personal identity, but the vast, stunning array of fashion that exists in the world.

As a self-proclaimed global citizen I’m aware of the socioeconomic situations of undeveloped and underdeveloped countries. (It’s practically what my anthropology degree is based around.)  So I try to search for jewelry and clothing that contributes to these countries in some way.  I love buying garments and goods that are created by artisans around the world – it’s an uncomplicated way to make an impact on a person’s life!

I’ll be sending information your way about global market fashion companies, what they’re selling, and how you can wear it, as well as street style that inspires me.

Stay tuned for some fashion fun!