Spotlight: Soko

I must admit that I’m currently gushing over Soko.  It’s a little bit like love at first sight.  For me, the allure of this company lies right in its founding story, that Soko was “created by women for women to help ‘fashion a better world.'”  Founded in 2012 by three incredibly inspirational women, Soko’s site sells some pretty divine jewelry.  This jewelry is created by about two dozen independent men and women living within the developing world.  Through their partnership with Soko, these artisans have the ability to establish and manage their own businesses and create jewelry that is sold worldwide, connecting them to the global economic system.

Soko sells an array of gorgeous metal, wooden, and beaded jewelry, ranging from necklaces, to bracelets, to earrings, and rings.  I’m currently loving their turquoise beaded bib and brass chevron choker (both pictured above).  The detailing on both pieces is absolutely beautiful.  And because they are different lengths, these two necklaces are perfect for layering together! (I’m also a huuuuuuuge fan of both turquoise and brass, so I love them even more when they’re together!)  The beaded bib was created by Veronicah, a woman living in Kibera, a slum just outside of Nairobi.  In every piece she creates, Veronicah uses natural materials that are environmentally sustainable.  Ojiko designed and created the chevron choker.  He specializes in woodwork and metalwork (as you can see in this delicate and chic necklace).  The money that we spend purchasing these items goes directly back to Veronicah and Ojiko because Soko cuts out the middleman.  How efficient is that!?

Needless to say, I might just be Soko’s #1 fan.  Not only is the jewelry extraordinary, but the personalized relationships that the company has with its affiliated artisans is inspirational and uplifting!

– Kasey


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