Topknots & Man Buns

The 90s are alive and well . . . on our heads. In the past year, we’ve seen a revival of velvet, chokers and fresh sneakers. So it only makes sense that hairstyles are following suit. The fabled man bun has become a recent sex symbol as the movement of “lumbersexuals” gains notoriety. Celebrities such as Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom and Ezra Miller have turned long, unruly hair into sultry and luscious locks. The topknot, a refreshed take on the half-up/half-down hairstyle is simultaneously coming into vogue. Actresses Kate Mara and Sienna Miller recently wore them on the red carpet.

For many students at the University of Puget Sound, topknots and man buns are a matter of convenience. Junior Anna Pezzullo returned to campus after a semester abroad in Denmark, where she noticed that topknots were prevalent. “The weather in Denmark is pretty much guaranteed windy or rainy, making the topknot favorable,” Pezzullo said. “Scandinavians live in a climate similar to Washington, so it makes sense that topknots are all the rage at Puget Sound right now.”

Apart from weather, the student body at Puget Sound finds these hairstyles to be generally comfortable for a multitude of active situations. They can be sported at the gym for short-haired exercisers who have the inability to fit all of those wispy hairs within a single hair tie, sans bobby pins. They also keep hair out of the eyes while biking to and from campus. Word on the street is that a certain gentleman and his manbun even summitted Mt. Rainier this past summer.

Manbun-wearing Junior Eric Rauch agrees with Pezzullo on the convenience factor of his “do”. “For me it began simply as a purely functional way to get the flow out of my face, but then it quickly transformed into my own entity,” Rauch said.

Aside from being manageable, topknots and man buns are chic. They have the fun of a ponytail and the sophistication of a bun. These hairstyles pull hair away from the face, giving a polished, yet youthful, vibe. They are fitting to wear with both casual and formal attire.

For those manbun hopefuls who are still in the process of growing out their tresses – fear not. Your awkward mullet stage will pass. “I did not purposefully grow out my hair for the manbun, but it started with the mullet,” Rauch noted. “But as the mullet grew, I yearned for overall long hair partially inspired by the likes of Brad Pitt in Troy. Before I knew it manbuns and topknots were everywhere.”

The future of manbuns and topknots is bright. They are extremely versatile in their current state. However, you can up your hairdo by throwing a braid in it, or even bling-it-out for springtime with a small garland of flowers. The possibilities are truly endless.

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Photos by Ken Aviananda