Function of Beauty


Let’s talk about hair. As of recently, I’ve started converting my beauty regimen into the bare necessities, weeding out the unnecessary and chemical-laden products that weigh down my tresses. While looking into a shampoo/conditioner alternative that keeps my hair vibrant and healthy, I stumbled upon Fuction of Beauty, a hair care start-up that creates a formula tailored to your needs.

After taking a short quiz based on your current hair type and #hairgoals, your shampoo and conditioner formulas are whisked away to the mixing room. You even get to decide on the hue and scent.

My hair is already perking up to my new shampoo and conditioner. It feels more balanced, and my ends are moisturized and refreshed. I can go an extra day without a wash, something I never thought possible for my fine, blonde hair.

Best part is, each bottle is personalized with your name – so my boyfriend knows he’s not getting his hands on my Fuction of Kasey!



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