Let’s Get Started

Happy Sunday from my bed!

My name is Kasey, and I am a Los Angeles native, born and raised.  I’m an enthusiast of all things fashion and style, and I am a firm believer that inspiration can be found in all places!

My mom told me that I started dressing myself before I could walk.  So at the age of thirteen when I had the epiphany that I wanted to become a part of the grand world of fashion, my mom wasn’t surprised at all.  I’m currently studying cultural anthropology and sociology.  So how do fashion and anthropology tie together you ask?  Culture shapes what we do each day, which includes what we’re wearing while we’re doing it.  Our identity is our own personal culture, which contributes to the larger category of fashion culture.  So in a sense, our daily clothing choices are shaping not only our personal identity, but the vast, stunning array of fashion that exists in the world.

As a self-proclaimed global citizen I’m aware of the socioeconomic situations of undeveloped and underdeveloped countries. (It’s practically what my anthropology degree is based around.)  So I try to search for jewelry and clothing that contributes to these countries in some way.  I love buying garments and goods that are created by artisans around the world – it’s an uncomplicated way to make an impact on a person’s life!

I’ll be sending information your way about global market fashion companies, what they’re selling, and how you can wear it, as well as street style that inspires me.

Stay tuned for some fashion fun!


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